We Got {Re}Married on Halloween



I feel the tension, the critique, the pointing fingers….

Truth is – Its not my conviction to ignore and hide from Halloween.

Scriptures that I have read and that I may get emails about, do not speak to me the way it does to others, or the way it does to me on my convictions (like wardrobe) nor do I apply or see in the same context. I am not saying who is right or who is wrong, or trying to water down the word of God, or twist things to please myself. I just have not had a conviction on it. That’s it.

The Holy Spirit has not worked this matter out in me and that may be because it is not a matter needing to be worked out. We all have different issues God works out in us, and all are at different times. The true importance is that we listen and are obedient when called.


I don’t celebrate Halloween like I use to as a child, because I am not a child anymore, and I definitely do not celebrate it like I did before I was saved! Drunk, parties, promiscuous costumes, uh hum..…
What I did do this year was – participate in our American culture tradition of allowing my kids to have treats, and go dress up shopping and yes, even go trick {or trunk} or treating at a community event. This year we went downtown, and unfortunately missed the Church’s fall festival due to Jakes car breaking down and leaving me vehicle-less. This can change for next Halloween, and the Halloween after that, and the one after that. This is just where we stood this year.

But, Jake and I did marry on Halloween, back in the day. A few years later we started Divorce papers during our “transformation” time, and when we were saved and back together stronger than ever, we never completed the paperwork. It bothered us both about how rebellious and unmoral we were married so eventually we completed the papers, waited the six months, and legally became divorced.

One year later, on our original wedding day of Halloween, we were re-married by our neighbor, landlord and friend, Pastor Jim on 10-31-13. He gave us thee most beautiful words and blessings upon our marriage, our health, our children, our home, our rings- all in the name of The Lord!


882862_10151959100425115_470445700_oNot only did my dream wedding of taking place in a cemetery come true, but Jim equally saw the beauty and symbolic points of doing so.

A cemetery is a romantic setting for a wedding because

1) It’s till death do you part

2) We can one day be buried together in the same place we became one flesh (again. And in the Lords name.)

3) The cemetery’s are where its at! These people who are buried and dead, just like we once were [spiritually], will be risen and given new life [like we do now]!

It doesn’t get more romantic than that.


So while many will get their chonies in a bunch around this time of year, my family and I might just be dressing up in silly costumes, eating treats, and decorating our house with webs and tombstones – not to celebrate pagan beliefs – but to rejoice in our new life, and honor the ones who have died and will again be given new life. Oh, and our wedding anniversary :)

Welcome Home Wednesdays

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2 Responses to We Got {Re}Married on Halloween

  1. Verna says:

    Very romantic! Congratulations!!

  2. Lori says:

    May you have many happy returns of the day :)

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