Saying Goodbye to Blogging and Facebook.

10/10/23 – Full time anyway, not completely. I missed everyone too much!

When The Lord puts something on your heart, you can try to run, but it will reappear. I’ve been reading posts like this for over a month. Bloggers talking about taking a break from blogs, Facebooks and other social technologies and spending more time with their kids, husbands and keeping of their home. Yet they always end up right back on the computer. Sure there are “scheduling” you can do with posts….but you still have to write the post, take the picture and schedule it. I only have 3 kids. I’m at home. I don’t work or have an online business, or a husband who is gone at work more than usual. But I still feel the time consumption blogging has brought on to my life. I have felt the calling away from blogging so that I can be physical and not just talk about taking a break. Things like twitter, Instagram are cool especially when Sharing quick updates and pictures WHILE hanging out with the family. They don’t take anymore then a minute to do and dont require planning, layout, edit and link ups. If you don’t feel this way, that is excellent. Good for you and keep on blogging. For me, I choose to spend all the time I can growing my home while I have been given the opportunity. My kids or husband can be gone at any moment…..I will not be sitting on the computer when it happens. Because of this, I have decided to cut back and try to condense as much as possible/

I will leave the blog up for Emunah’s story to be shared and for future random postings of modest outfits, homeschool posts, and potters syndrome related posts. But no more trying to keep up with it weekly¬†or in a¬†routinely matter, other than simple picture posts or to link up ;)


If I feel a topic is heavy on my heart to share, I will :)

If anyone has any questions, I will respond :)

And I can always be added on facebook through my personal account (that I use mostly to shop local exchanges) since I have deleted the blogs Facebook.

I just need more simplicity. Not a weekly blog, a blog facebook, a personal facebook, a twitter, a blog twitter, an instagram, a blog instagram, a pinterest, a blog pinterest, an email, a blog email, and so on. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?! I don’t know how some of you do it…..

I have moved over to Instagram. Love it!

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7 Responses to Saying Goodbye to Blogging and Facebook.

  1. Cynthia says:

    I’m going to miss you!

  2. Shannon says:

    I have loved your blog. So sad that I (and others) will no longer be able to look forward to reading it every week. Fair winds and following seas to you and your family (your DH will get this one!) and God Bless!

    • Jacie Jacie says:

      Shannon are you on instagram?

      • Jacie Jacie says:

        Shannon, At least I ca still visit your blog :) Are you on instagram? I found that I can link my IG to the blog and share my pictures at least. that way I dont necessarily have to “blog”. And i was even considering hash tagging #modestmonday…..

  3. hannah says:

    Will you still do the post about tattoos? I was looking forward to reading it….

  4. Beth says:

    Good luck on your journey wherever that may be. I have been inspired here and encouraged here as well. Many blessing to you and yours.

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