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I miss all of you ladies.

I miss the encouragement we offered to each other.

I miss sharing pictures, and I even miss those snarky comments I’d receive about my tattoos leading people astray.

Ahhhh, the joys of controversy *sigh* :)

I’ve thought about sharing a post here and there, nothing planned or regular.

Mostly I’ve wanted to share THM friendly recipes. The whole family over here has almost jumped on board 100% .

But until then, I’d sure like to find a more simple and convenient way of staying in touch. So find me on Instagram!



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2 Responses to Find Me On Instagram

  1. Jackie B. says:

    Jacie! I was so thrilled to see your post in my inbox! I would love to get on Instagram, but don’t know how. I am not very tech savvy, LOL! Do I need to have an iPhone? Believe it or now, I don’t, contrary to everyone else in the U.S. I still have my good ‘ol Samsung android phone from 3 years ago. I will get a new phone soon, promise. I’m glad to see that you’re doing well!

    Blessings, Jackie in TN

    • Jacie Jacie says:

      I am so glad you wrote me! And you know what? You don’t need an iPhone for Instagram anymore. Any smart phone will do. So go to your App Store, I believe it’s google play for android, and install Instagtam. Set up your account and then search me in the little compass looking button along the bottom.

      Hope to see you soon!

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