Christians and Tattoos Part 1


I never saw tattooing as a ministry until our neighbor, who is a Pastor, and another Pastor from a church we visit, planted the seed in our minds. Jake is back to tattooing full time, and even drives 2 hours away to be in the shop that God has placed him in. The confirmation Jake goes through on a daily basis that he is suppose to be there is unreal. I am in awe at the little things God does for each and every one of us, even those in the tattooed community.

Jake has tattooed countless crosses and scripture, and has not had to decline ONE tattoo for being inappropriate, offensive or against our beliefs. In fact, Jake has tattooed some amazing people with incredible stories how God has been active in their lives.


Believe it or not, tattooing is a ministry. How shocking and awesome is that?! There are a lot more tattooed Christians out there than you think. In fact, some are Tattoo Artists and are called ACT members – Alliance of Christain Tattooers. Through the ACT website you can find Christian tattoo artists and shops, even shops that hold church and bible studies. Tab even makes sure that your social networks glorify God and not the world! That my friends, is hard to find. We can all look like sheep, but come into our home, our Facebooks, our Instagrams… and you will see the life and heart of a wolf.


For those of you are open minded and curious to as how the tattoo industry is even close to being a ministry, think of this. Picture a shop of broken and lost Tattooers and piercers with rebellious minds and hearts. These people come in all shapes and sizes; some mean, some scary and dark…..but some are polite and well mannered (but still dark and lost). Do you think they would welcome a pastor right in to sit down and share the gospel? Well, yes, but not likely. Jake can do this. And he does. He gets to share his testimony and pray for all these people, and they welcome him! You know why? Because he looks like them. He knows them and were they’ve been…..we’ve been there too. We are relatable, and I know that God has taken our past to use it for His purpose.







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6 Responses to Christians and Tattoos Part 1

  1. asheritah says:

    This is such an interesting perspective! I’ve never thought of tattooing as a ministry; thanks for sharing! Praise God for people like Jake who can share the Gospel in places that most of us can never reach!

  2. Emilie says:

    The thought of a different kind of ministry occurred to me while reading this. Has your husband considered donating a small portion of his time to do cover ups for ex gang members or for those with offensive tattoos? This could really open doors for individuals who want to turn their life around but don’t have the financial means.

  3. This has been an enlightening post. Thank you.

  4. AnnmarieFaye says:

    Great post! It’s so nice to read the good that tattoos can bring to God! One question: when I got my tattoo, some people at my old church used Leviticus 19:28 to say that it was wrong to get tattooed. How do you respond to that? Because I myself kind of froze up haha.

  5. Becky B says:

    Im so excited to see you blogging again! I so missed your insight! And im even more excited about this post!! Im tattooed as you know. And have been back and forth on whether or not it was “ok” to keep gettig tattooed as a Christian. I have a couple of coverups needing to be done. Only offensive to me because of the reasons they were done :-/
    And I have one that is for my oldest son and I really want to get tattooed for all of them but like i said. I was torn. I cant wait to read part two! Ad your answer to the response above mine!

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