I Hate Breastfeeding

Alright, hate is a strong word. But I seriously dislike it. The leaky boobs, the sore nipples, and the unsupportive uncomfortable bras for large chested mamas are the obvious reasons. But my struggles run deeper than that. I’m a ‘Out and About’ kind of girl. I like to take my kids out to have fun, run errands, play……and nursing a baby every 5 minutes (enter exaggeration here) is tough. Especially when there are other young children to tend to.


But breast is best, right? And because I know this, (have you seen those ingredients in formula?! Yikes) I keep pressing on. It’s been a struggle, but I know to just take it day by day, and with God’s help, I’m still somewhat sane ;)

It’s been 8 weeks.

Check back in on me when it’s been 3 months!


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Nursing in Walmart


So today I just had to get out of the house. I was going stir crazy. Like, freaking out emotionally and crying in my closet stir crazy.

So my husband backed me up and met us at Walmart so that I could get some Christmas shopping done.


The baby needed to eat right when we got to the store, but I didn’t have the time to nurse her for a half hour in the car, especially with the other kids with me getting all antsy.

So I did it! I nursed in public, while walking around and shopping! The best part? I did it modestly thanks to my infinity nursing scarf


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